Shilpa – Funny, foodie, friendly, bubbly, optimistic!

As a child, I loved writing short stories. Later, as studies took priority, writing took a backseat. Few years ago, I found my passion again and started writing on various online sites.

I loved Chetan Bhagat’s Five point someone.

Khalid Hosseini is my favorite. Kite runner, And the mountains echoed are my favorites. I love the minute details he emphasizes in his writings.

I like Sudha Murthy for her simplicity and the wonderful connect she has with her readers.

Writing is my passion. It comes straight from my heart, and I believe it creates an instant connect with the readers. They can relate themselves with my stories, or get thrilled reading them!

I am not sure if I can be called as a writer, but it’s my passion and would love to fulfil my dream as a writer. I write short stories in various online platforms. Win and loss, both inspire me to write more and better.

I love reading and writing Thrillers, Murder mysteries and Crime thriller.

I am ready to expand my horizons and try writing in different genres.

As a writer, I wish to connect with readers and fellow writers and express my thoughts and let imaginations fly!

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