Vidhu Manchanda Seth – Poet is the disguised protagonist

Vidhu Manchanda Seth has been writing for almost 12 years now. That really is a long time.

“Emotionally each day writing and consoling the world with my lessons. I feel living in parallel world where in diary I am the person rejoicing with words on my sleeves and untamed energy in twirls, whereas I am a poised and behaved person fitting in versatile roles.” Seth says about her journey as a writer.

Seth’s favorite reads include Jay Shetty, Nayyirah Waheed (Salt) and she loves reading everything motivating or inspiring.

We asked Seth why should we read her, and this is what she had to say, “A sip of tea to strengthen socially challenged bones and to raise the champagne for inspiration seeking cups, I extend my love in my writing. Thus, I am an affable read to you.”

In the near future, one can expect more books from Seth to heal, motivate and inspire.

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