Gaurav Kataria – Accidentally planned HR cum Author

My journey as writer has been no less than a rollercoaster. I’ve been writing since 2017.

Maintaining balance between professional, personal and “Author-life” was something that exhausted as well as inspired me to push my journey forward. It all started when Ravana, as the most negative and influential character in history, caught my attention a few years ago.

I yearned to learn more about him and hence, researched more about his life and deeds. I especially wanted to know what was so mysterious about him that despite being a powerful King, a scientist, a medical practitioner, an author, and the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva, that he had to meet such a tragic demise. There’s a lot that we, as humans and Professionals, can learn from his actions and complex character!

I love reading non-fiction and Elon Musk by Ashlee/ winning by Jack welch are some of my favorites.

Why should we read you?

Being an Author and an HR professional, I believe i would be a great asset to the writer’s community and contribute towards the expansion and betterment of it. Recently I have set a National Record under India Book of Records for my Book!

What should we expect from you as a writer in the near future?

Continuous contribution, support and amazing stuff to read and learn!

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