Not reading! ‘Cos I’m busy writing?

Writing is fun and it takes you to another world altogether when you are in the flow and so does reading.

When you want to improve your language and writing skills or even write a novel, practicing creative writing exercises is the route you want to take. But, when was the last time you read someone else?

We glanced through various writing apps that have come up in the recent years and more than good content, the trend has moved sadly from concentrating on quality to quantity, obviously leading to poor content in the bargain.


Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve started reading a book / novel / poetry and some word or part of the plot you just read – sparked a thought, idea, or story in your mind, and you moved on from reading to writing?

Getting better at writing needs just that—the more often you read, the more your vocabulary and imaginations expand, and the better you get at writing.

Our first tip for all aspiring writers would be to READ!

Read everything.

Fiction, non-fiction, blogs, poetry.

Read everyone. Get inspired from the good ones. Learn from the mistakes of the poor ones.

Most importantly – READ the instructions carefully whenever you participate in an ongoing literature fest or contest.

As publishers, we want to read good content and we want to know that you read the submission guidelines that we spent hours on, while we edited them and proofread them and wrote them all over again!


It’s an absolute disaster to not read that the contest is about fiction / stories and you submit a poem instead. Well, and if you get published for your poetry by a firm that’s running a story contest – rest assured nobody cares to read such content from such books / sites. They’re just into money business and care a damn for your brand.

Get your language right, stay grounded and do not stop READING while you write!

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  1. I really needed this. I am into poetry these days and sometimes there’s this void in which I feel like I am stuck into, without ideas to write. I need to develop a reading habit for sure.
    Thank you!

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