Nivedita Karmaran – Thinker, creative and funny

I have been writing from the age of 13. I have always loved to tell stories. That’s best what I do, write fictional stories.

I love narrating and writing stories since childhood, over the years after reading several books, I kept writing and honing my skills in between my regular life of professional work. Recently, I have written for several anthologies and co-authored a book that will be out soon. I’m currently working on my own book idea.

My favorite authors are Stephen King, Jeffery Archer, Dan Brown and RK Narayan. I love reading / writing thriller, drama, romedy – but all fiction.

Nivedita can be reached on her Instagram handle @niveditakarmaran

Why should we read you?

I like good stories and hence I love to write good stories. I am too self critical and only want my readers to experience what best I have written. I intend to win hearts with my stories.

What should we expect from you as a writer in the near future?

I have good experience in writing and I keep learning new things everyday. I would love to share them with my group and also learn from them. I want to win hearts with my stories.

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  1. Thank you😊 team for including me in this group. It feels privileged

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