The secrets that lie, and lie within

Every moment the sun goes down,

flashing the reds and pinks on the clouds.

hits the eye and hurts the heart,

but silhouettes must still lie!

I stare into the far away horizon

that seems to have found the end of that sea,

a loneliness shatters and breaks the heart

and the darkest of thoughts pass by!

Fascinating as the evening appears,

it soon turns into a silent night…

All the chirps having returned to their nests.

It’s only the rustle of the leaves whispering throughout the night…

Nothing remains what the previous morning had brought,

no dew nor the fresh-beginning-feel

A feeling of something having come to an end

is all that I have, and all that prevails.

Some shadows of the past that haunt the present,

some hours spent then, that felt like minutes

Come rushing through the mind, gushing out the tear-drops

that wash out, whatever spirit is left…

I change myself now into the colours of the night,

I do not recognize the person in the mirror..

what she was the previous morning does not appear now,

what she is this night, may also disappear.

I begin to lie to myself now and think all haywire…

I say to myself, “All that happens is what I rule out,”

And then wonder at my own foolish thoughts.

The deepest of silhouettes do not know

the secrets that lie, and lie within…

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