Get Poetic – CLOSED

Here’s another contest running on Instagram!

🌊 Write a poem using the words “WAVES” or “OCEAN

🌊 Post it on your Instagram feed and tag us.

🌊 Use the hashtag #writefluencewaves for us to collate the entries and announce the winners

Let’s see how poetic you can get.

Contest closes December 15, 2020.

We’ll announce the winners thereafter!

We’ll be featuring the best ones on our story on Insta, Facebook and Twitter

Happy WriteFluencing!

Make sure you’re following us on Instagram to participate 🀠


Here are our winners! Congratulations!!

So still, the surface
Ignorant to the building monstrous wave

Tranquility, on my face
Insides, pretty much about to cave

Holding on to the sturdy rocks for strength
Harbouring unseen wounds, from clasping jagged rocks at length

Breathing in the salty ocean breeze
Suffocating on the long forgotten memories

Such beauty in the vast calm sea
But why does it compel me to flee?

-Shifa Bi Khan

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