Disciplined story writing

A good writer is known by the way they structure their story. To help keep your story flowing, a basic structure helps one construct a story in an understandable manner. Since we have our ongoing short story contest making a lot of news right now, we thought this article may help you while you submit your stories!


This is the part of your story that is essentially important. The introduction of your story is where you hook the reader and capture their attention. Common beginnings to stories in the ancient times were like, “Once upon a time” or “A long time ago”. Get more creative and begin your story creating an intriguing atmosphere.


Your actual narration of the story begins here. A plot contains the events that occur or the description of the situation. A plot always has a conflict, which is the focus of any story. The more complicated your conflict, the more avenues open for you to expand you story.



Write your characters really well. The success of your story will depend always on how much the readers will be able to relate to your protagonists, side characters and antagonists. To develop your characters, use dialogues – let your characters have accents or their signature styles / words. Keep the dialogues limited in the shorter format. Don’t include unnecessary secondary characters, every character of the story must have a purpose.


Conclude the story logically. Include a plot twist and entice your readers. End your story in an interesting manner. Every story need not have a definite ending. A cliffhanger is a very effective style in modern story-telling!


Give your story an appropriate title. Remember that this piece of your story is the first impression you make on your reader. Writers experiment with longer titles as well these day – but if you want to place it on the stem of the book, that’s definitely not going to look appealing to the eye.


Regardless of how you structure your story, make sure it flows fluently and keeps your readers on the edge at guessing what happens next. Use the surprise element wisely. Too many coincidences are boring.

Now if you’re ready to write, just begin rightaway. If you haven’t checked it out already, we have a very happening short story contest running. Participate in PenFluenza and get published now!

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