Dr. Vasudha Neel Mani

Dr Vasudha Neel Mani is a profound and illustrious educationist with over 27 years of experience spanning across teaching, administration, mentoring and advisory roles with 17 years in Cambridge Education and 10 years in leadership roles. She is the designated Principal of the renowned Rockwoods International School in Udaipur. She is the Co-Founder and Emotional Head of Global Edu leaders Forum, the Vice Chairperson of Learning Forward India and a Thought Leader with HSM- INACE.

Dr. Neel Mani has been consulting numerous schools to implement international curriculum and have conducted audits. A double masters in Psychology and Education and a Special Educator by profession, Dr. Neel Mani has worked towards bringing about a decisive change in the Indian Education System and put it on par with global standards. With the motto of being a lifelong learner, she has also accomplished a certificate course in Career Coaching by Mindler and CDA, USA. She is an International Certified Career Coach. She has also completed the first level Inspector Audit training with PENTA to be an Inspector and Auditor in schools with British Curriculum.

Being a life long learner she has completed Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) credentialing from Mindler and NCDA USA Besides, she has successfully completed a CIDTT Diploma Program by Cambridge University and her module is on “Skills to be an Effective Teacher”. With an overall distinction, she scored three distinctions in Planning, Assessment and Evaluation and a pass in the Practice.

Dr. Neel Mani has been engaged in conducted various workshops in Special Education, Multiple Intelligence and Curriculum and Assertive Discipline and has played a key role in the curriculum development of many schools across India. She has published many articles in the leading magazines and has presented papers including one at IIT Delhi (IITD).

She conducts sessions on mental and emotional well being, meditation sessions and workshops on Gratitude for all age groups. She is a regular blogger and writes regularly in the fields of education, technology, spirituality, life-skills and many other diverse topics. She has been awarded the Best Dynamic Educationist of the Year by Media Federation of India. For her outstanding services and exceptional contribution, the Global Education Summit felicitated her recently. She also won the “Avantika Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Award 2018” as one of the best 50 Principals in India. In April 2019, she was recognized as the Best Innovative Principal. She has also been awarded with Most Innovative Education Leadership award in July 2020.

Dr. Neel Mani is a regular invitee by Cambridge as their ambassador and guest speaker at the Cambridge Seminars to talk about the implementation of Cambridge Curriculum.

Favorite authors / books?

Ruzbeh Braucha, Rhonda bryne, Louis hay, Norman vincent pele, Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Don Michael Rouz, Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi, Ravi Subramanium

The book that’s currently on her bedside table:

Sai baba- The Messiah of oneness, Stoned, Shamed Depressed, Arranged Murder

What’s your WriteFluencing Mantra? 

May the work of your hands be a sign of gratitude and reverence to the human condition. —Mahatma Gandhi.

May this journey of self transformation fill your life with abundance and positivity. Gratitude is a beautiful word and practicing it as a habit makes all the difference. In today’s world, where everyone is grappling with stress and giving in to failures, we need to start teaching our children the significance of being grateful and positive. Children are susceptible. If they see their parents in stress, they imbibe the same. We need to teach our students to be positive and grateful. If we are grateful, abundance will follow. Gratitude is key to that abundance. Keeping this in mind, I have developed a gratitude curriculum to instill the same in the students and children.

Many a times the duration of struggle is longer than our threshold to withstand. We tend to encounter the same challenges again and again. People with a negative mindset succumb. But those who can face challenges with a positive mindset can overcome them sooner or later. We shouldn’t try to adjust ourselves for others. For the first 20 years, we indeed try to live and fulfill what our parents expect from us.

We barely remember the last time we expressed gratitude to anyone. – When did you last say ‘thank you’ ? – Are we thankful for being absolute human beings? – Are you appreciative of having the blessing from parents? – Are you thankful for having a roof over your head? – Are you thankful of being able to attend a school or pursue education and fulfill your dreams?

Generally, we ignore all of this. We seize everything for granted without reflecting. If you follow the contents, the 21 days will endure a transformational journey. Whether you are an adolescent, an adult, youth teenager, or even college-going student, you’ll benefit. You will notice a difference. We will start with paying gratitude at a micro-level and gradually rise to the macro level. Gratitude is portable and we take it wherever we go. As eating, sleeping, walking constitute an inseparable part of our daily routine, practicing positivity and gratitude will also naturally become a part of life. The number 3 represents the number of creations. That’s why we say thank you thrice and the gratitude journal and journey are for three weeks.

We start practicing gratitude from a micro level to the macro level, where we start paying gratitude to the blessings from personal life to the larger picture. In these 21 days, the first 10 days are for our blessings, desires, wishes, friends family, health, studies, anger management, looking for positive outcomes in all situations, edibles. The next 10 days are about practicing gratitude with everyone, beautiful morning, breathing fresh air, global health, day, footsteps becoming footprints, compassionate heart, cueing the unseen, learning from mistakes and being grateful to one own self and the gratitude journey continues.

To reach Dr. Neel Mani, you can connect on her Instagram handle @vasudha_neelmani

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