The society we live in is all based on judgements,
Let’s discuss on how the society has given the allotment.
People will judge you in each and every phase,
Starting from day one, in a number of ways.

Be it a girl, boy, mother, father, husband or wife,
No one will ask your way of life,
But they will judge you and define.
She gave birth to a girl child,
If it was a boy, he would have been their pride.

Look at that girl with a weird makeup and also her skirt is so short,
I think she may be an escort.
She is roaming with so many boys,
One day she will destroy her life.

What kinda society we live in?
From making differences between skin till some one wins,
We do judge each and every person on their talks, walks and behaviour.

She’s married and is in touch with her male friends,
How much time she spends?
No one offends??
She was pregnant but had an abortion,
Doesn’t she have any affection?
She is so rude with her child, she is not a good mother,
One day she will definately suffer.

The judgement passed by people are so easy,
That everyone believes it completely.
Oh my god..this , that and what not,
So many judgements on the spot is bought.

Society will never stop to judge,
Till it leaves a smudge.
People will judge you anyway, no matter what you do,
Just have faith and go with the new you…

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