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Haven’t we all been there now a days, a place where we have given up on love. Instead we have found the formula to a successful quick version of love. Yes, Swipe right on that App, it’s a match 98%, ooh social status compatible, perfectly educated and wise, hot body over drinks and it goes on just like the Ad where keep swapping your watches whenever you like.

What is the hurry? Love takes time, it grows on you like a sappy song you would have heard on their playlist when you kissed first. You had the courage to peel the layers of your heart and show them your real self. You felt connected to someone that you sometimes don’t need words to explain. You made memories with them, an Instagram photo, a Facebook post, or even a simple photograph when you danced drunk in a concert.

But instead now a days as soon as we face a problem, a glitch in our so called version of love, what do we do? We run, flee, threatened we might end up feeling emotions we are not ready to feel. Yes, love can hurt, it can be confusing, it can be hard but if you felt like giving up on it, just pull out of those memories. Promise, you don’t even have to dig very deep in your heart to know that the same love healed you.

Even if it went wrong, you were not destined to be together in love, it’s okay. Because the love you experienced will take you a long way. It’s an emotion to be felt by each and every one of us if we are lucky. Then you would know how it is to feel to be alive. By just knowing that you loved someone so much, that it’s that one precious thing, you can take it with yourself when you die.

So folks, if you have that one photograph you cannot delete, or erase from your heart and mind you have found your true love. Hold on to it. As:
‘Love can heal, loving can mend your soul, it’s the only thing that I know.
Know, I swear it will get easier.
Remember that with every piece of you
And it’s only thing we take with us when we die.’

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