Ishq Bulaava – Song Synopsis

Ishq Bulaava isn’t just a song, it’s a journey. A journey that a person with a heart brave enough to love embarks upon, embracing every little feeling that comes along with it.

Unlike every love song that preaches about how to love or what love really is, Ishq Bulaava is a peaceful melody, that teaches us to just embrace the road that love takes us on, until we realize how beautiful the stop at the end of that road is.

//Ishq Bulava Jaane Kab Aave,
Ishq Bulava Aave Jab Aave,
Main Taa Kol Tere Rehna//

Love doesn’t demand you to wait for it’s arrival. It asks you to embrace what you already have, & enjoy it to the core. Rejoice the bond that you share. Don’t leave. Stay. Stay to sit by each other’s side, to live the beauty of that moment, & for the knock of love that’ll arrive at your door.

//Ajeeb Rangaan Di Tu Hai Badi,
Lage Alag Hi Jahaan Di,
Ae To Nazraan Nazraan Di Gal Ve//

Love doesn’t always make sense, nor does your lover. Don’t look for perfection in them. With time you’ll find yourself falling for the little things they have, that set them apart from the world. Love embraces their hidden, unconventional qualities. It sees beauty in their idiosyncrasies, looks out for their quirks, & cherishes them with all its heart.

//Tainu Takdi Rava,
Naina’Ch Tere Main Vasdi Rava,
Paagal Main Khud Nu Banandi Rava//

Love is that look which makes you realize that in them you see your entire world. You immerse yourself in their gaze, & just reside in their heart & soul forever. It’s about finding this madness that drives you both crazy with joy. It’s about losing your heart to them, & finding yourself in the process.

There’s magic in relishing their company for hours, as they paint you a picture of their heart. There’s magic in the laughter, that you’d move mountains to bring to their face. There’s magic in every glimpse of them you savour, that warms your soul. That magic is love.

//Baaton Pe Teri Hasda Rava,
Tu Hasdi Rave, Main Hasanda Rava, Tenu Takda Rava//

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