Pretty Girls

Pretty girls
Make the world go around
For the world I live in
Is a cruel, biased one
Where the biggest lie
I’m told, time and again,
Is that looks don’t matter.
Yet, somehow I see,
That the good things in life
Come to you only if you’re
One of those pretty girls.

On a street that’s crowded &
Bustling with people’s stares,
Unattractive, mediocre girls like me
Don’t get looked at twice.
But all my beautiful friends
With one simple stride they take,
Have flocks of people after them
Gazing and chasing,
Only because I’m not
And all of them are,
One of those pretty girls.

I watch boys lining up
At their damsels’ doorsteps,
Or swimming through a pool
Of unanswered messages,
Making all that effort
Only to get their attention.
I see their beauty in photographs,
Flooded with hoards of people in awe
And I get none of that,
Only because I’m not,
One of those pretty girls.

They say there’s more to beauty
Than what meets the eye
And every once in a while,
I’m told that I too am beautiful
Just in ways that I don’t see.
I tell myself it’s okay, as I pretend
To move on, every single time.
But all my lies are uncovered
On my pillow every night,
Because I know that I’m not
And that I never will be,
One of those pretty girls.

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