I talk to my reflection…

I find myself looking in the mirror
and these eyes staring back at me,
heavy with rain…

They talk to me about the times,
when I thought of
unzipping this skin which I can’t

When I stored the tears inside
that caused flood one day,
when I scratched my scars
and caused them to bleed,
when I was starving and
the world still consumed parts of me…

When I was about to wilt and
no one watered me,
and these eyes advise me
not to be a fool
starving for affection,
and this was another therapy
session with my own reflection.

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10 replies

  1. Too Heartfelt!

  2. I really loved this!💓

  3. You way of writing and expressing thoughts is wonderful ❤️

  4. It’s something different…I loved this❤️

  5. So well expressed thoughts❤

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