Book review: The Storm by Arif Anwar

The Storm, penned by Arif Anwar is a terrific read inspired by the devastation caused by the Bhola Cyclone, in which half a million people perished overnight in 1970.

The novel interweaves five stories that narrate fifty years of Bangladeshi history in a very thoughtful and chronological order of events.

Anwar is flawless with portraying his characters, each distinct in their traits and the story although based on historical fiction, beautifully balances realism and romanticism in tasteful proportions.

The aptly titled story takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions while it runs through the various historic conflicts and events that run parallel as the story unfolds the several interweaved plots.

A must read for an avid and patient reader, especially if you love historical fiction; nothing we’ve read so far can beat this one. While the characters may not make sense to you in the initial pages if you try to decipher their relationships, the latter pages unveil these in a beautiful manner.

Patience is the key to falling in love with this literary treat.

The Storm is totally our #recommendation for this vacation time!

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