Shadows : To the Grave

“What is it like to be in love with me” he asked
Wondered, she pondered!
Don’t the eyes always wait to recognize his shadow?
And await another glimpse – knowing it will disappear as the sun dips to the sea?
Don’t the hands wait to greet and nothing more?!!

Does your heart skip a beat? –
When I say “my heart races
Following your traces?”
she asked

“Do my lips ever talk aloud those numbers to you” He confirmed
“The stretching curves of your brows and the dimples on your cheek are revealing”
she answered!

(He:) “They are deceiving”
(She:) “They are comforting”
(He:) “This is confounding”
(She:) “This is knowing yet bonding”
“Intense yet mindful
And above all respectful”!!
She argued, He smiled. . .

“Hence so beautiful”
Their hearts blushed in agreement. . .

You should know I “may” never reciprocate your same he “assured”
“You should know it will never matter” she reassured!
“You should know things will be cold and untold” he warned
“You should know the warmth in your eyes is all that holds” She scorned!

Love like a rose with thorn
They woke up with a horn!

“Where will you take this love?” – Time Intervened!
“To the grave” – The souls muttered in a single breath!

. . .Like the deep dark secrets they shared, the masks on their face and
the feelings untold in their hearts,
Leaving a shadow behind;
Like your own shadow that never leaves you!

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  1. Wow!

  2. A gem of a poem!! Beautifully written!!!❤️

  3. Beautiful

  4. So beautifully written.. it feels like my soul has written it.. if it soul speak
    .. xoxo

  5. “You should know that things will be cold and untold”
    “Love like a rose with thorn
    They woke up with a horn”
    Oh My…those words are so marauding yet proves to be an aid; safeguarding the bubble of trust…no matter they say…”Falling” in Love…❤️

  6. Wow Jazzy… This is so well written ❤️

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  10. Lovely poem Jay😍

  11. A gem of a poem . Very meaningful

  12. Spellbinding! Beautifully written.

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