A lingering, lurking shadow

There is a man in the lobby
A lingering, lurking shadow
He will say nothing,
Just stare at you;
Standing in the corner.

When you go out or come in
He won’t say a thing
But his eyes will follow your footsteps,
Counting one, two, three, infinity;
Infinity, three, two, and one.

He will be pacing up and down
Go here and there in the lobby
Only when no one is around
But when there is life in the lobby
He will just stand in the corner.

Oh, Man in the Lobby
See I have come to meet you
I want to see you, talk to you
Where have you gone now?

See, there is no one out here
Only me and perhaps you
You can come out from your hiding place
We will meet then and talk about things;
One thing or just nothing.

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