Lurking in the shadows…

“Look, there! Lurking in the shadows,” I whispered. We had been on the lookout for quite some time now.

“One such culprit is enough to cause mayhem,” my brother whispered back, his eyes still trained on our target.

We all had had enough of the tyrant. Peace would prevail only after the death of such a menace.

“Our girls aren’t safe, as long as that animal is moving about freely,” I said, and moved ahead, determinedly.

Just as I was taking aim, with trembling hands, my wife screamed, “Kill it Ben!”

I was instantly distracted and I’d  lost a golden opportunity. In the nick of time, it had swiftly escaped. 

“The mouse has gotten away again,” yelled my brother’s wife, crouching atop the kitchen counter.

We saw it zip out of the kitchen towards the living room. My brother rushed to follow it. He looked everywhere, peered underneath the couch, but there was no sight of the sly creature.

It had disappeared into the shadows, once again!

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  1. I am really not surprised that you can spin a lovely tale on any prompt! You awesome you!

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