Preparation of Sadhana

Yoga Sadhana will reward you with health and peace only when performed with a happy mind.

1. If followed properly ,it is capable of produce a result’s soon . However one must not expect instant results from the practice of yoga. Continue to exist,systematic and sincere efforts will definitely achieve the sadhaka.

2. It is not possible for everyone to master the kriyas(breathing exercise) or asanas(posture) instantaneously. Therefore one should focus on a steady individual practice rather than comparing with others.

3. Many a times a yoga sadhak comes across criticism and opposition. One should not lose confidence or performance by confusing questions and arguments of is a subject of practical experience and a genuine ,sadhak soon acquires the knowledge and ability to
satisfy the challengers.

4. Taking bath before the daily sadhana gives energy because it stimulates the blood circulation.However it is not a must to bath before the sadhana. One must take a bath after half an hour on finishing the daily sadhana.

5. The ideal time for sadhana is early morning. However any time,at least three hours after meals is suitable for sadhana.Sadhakas are advised to set a fixed timing for daily sadhana. Afternoon time
is not suitable. Many of the yoga exercises create pressure and tension in the pelvic region and hip bone. It is therefore advised to wear a tight loin cloth (langot for men and kacha for women) during practice. It is not mandatory for the rest of the day.

6. Yoga is best practiced in a peaceful, enclosed place rather than outdoors. A suitable place in the house may be fixed for sadhana, since the serenity and energy of that place grows day by day with the advancement of sadhana

7. Yogic kriyas and asanas are the best instruments to regulate one’s physical requirements. Several other problems get dissolved automatically. Once this is achieved.The proverb “Experience is the father of knowledge” suits here most appropriately. Yoga is 99% practice 1% theory. At every stage of life right from
mother’s womb to the death bed.

8. The total area of the spread should be around 3 feet by 3 feet so that no body part may be touching the floor while sitting on it.The same may be spread to full length while performing asanas.The above guidelines are to be followed not only for convenience but for ensuring best results.

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