Shadows : Her Untold Story

Her Untold Story

A free spirited girl she once had been,

The marriage had shoveled her desires off the screen.

Her hopes were completely scattered,

The life she had once dreamt was shattered.

She remained a puppet in her husband’s hands,

Mutely succumbing to all his demands.

The scars were not one but many,

They were hardly seen by any.

The agony tormented her all through the day,

And even in the nights it chose to stay.

Some lay deep inside the heart,

Following like shadows, failing to part.

She hid the story of the inflicted pain,

Fearing that society would mar her family’s name.

The victim of abuse had nowhere to turn,

We, as humans have a lesson to learn.

Let us all fight for a common cause,

And strive to empower such women without a pause.

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