Being with you

Maa & Paa

‘Being with you’ a phrase that I only cherish as memories between us.
You know how I used to be and what I had become, I still cannot agree.

You used to make me get up in the morning and I kept yawning..
but now I get up with a fix alarm ringing.

I still remember how you used to make me eat my food,
but doing the same thing now as a mother, I get screwed.
How you have managed these things, I have no clue,
but I just know that, ‘I miss being with you’.

The hug in which you used to feel my every pain,
I just want to regain.
The lap in which you used to make me sleep
has took a leap,and recalling it makes me weep.
I just don’t  know how fast I grew and time got flew,
But I just know that ‘I miss being with you’.

I still remember how paa used to make me learn his new scooty,
as if it was only his main duty,
to keep safe her loving cutie.
There are so many memories in queue,
which makes me feel what have been you gone through.
‘I miss being with you’.

Please bring back those days,
where you used to celebrate my birthdays,
have dinner outside on sundays,
and also going for vacation on holidays,
which has become so rare nowadays.

You miss me more, I knew
that’s why I want to regrew
but this time,  I don’t want to miss, “Being with you”!!

Your lovingly daughter,
– Pooja Solanki

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