Yoga in our day to day life

Yoga is a group of physical, Mental, Social & spiritual well being. Reason why people suffer more stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Due to improper lifestyle and physical exercise. Methods and technique for the attainment of health and harmony, Broad varieties of yoga school practices & goals in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism. Deals with problems,worries & everyday demand, Influences to understand ourselves purpose of life, develops our relationship with God. System yoga in daily life is taught in yoga centre worldwide such as Rehabilitation centres,fitness & sports life,health institution,adult education centres etc. Suitable for people for all ages and requires no ‘stunt’ skills and provides physically retarded ,unfit.

Physical Health – To preserve and restore health there are physical exercises (Asanas),breath exercises (Pranayam)and relaxation technique. Asanas & Pranayam are divided into an eight level system beginning with “Sarva Hita asanas “(Meaning Exercises that are good for everyone). Several special programs have been developed from the basic exercises. “Yoga for back pain”, “Yoga for joints “, “yoga for seniors”, “Yoga for managers”,& children. To maintain good health other valuable exercises within yoga in the Daily life are the purification techniques of Hathyoga, Ashtanga yoga,These involve Deep Relaxation, (yoga nidra),Concentration Exercises (eg Trataka ) as well as Mudras & Bandhas(special yoga techniques).

Mental health – Negative thoughts and fears create an imbalance in our nervous system & through this our physical function. Cause of many illnesses and sorrows. Clarity of thought inner freedom, contentment and a healthy self confidence are the basic for mental wellbeing . ie is why we drive to gradually overcome our negative qualities and thoughts & aim to develop positive thoughts and behaviour. ” yoga in daily life ” offers numerous methods to attain mental wellbeing. Mantra practice the observance of ethical principle, the keeping of good company. Self investigation and self knowledge is the technique of “Self- Inquiry meditation” a step by step meditation technique of self Analysis. In this meditation practice we come into contact with our subconscious, the sources of our desire ,complexes,behavioural patterns.

Social health – Social health is the ability to be happy with oneself and to be able to make others happy. Importance of keeping ,good positive company has a great influence upon our psyche ,as such companionship. Positive company is of great importance in spiritual development.

Spiritual health – Ahimsa,noninjury,non-violence .Humans should be protectors not destroyers. Yoga is not a religion. Source of spirituality & wisdom the root of all religions. Decision regarding your health & wellbeing and a free happy life are in your hand .

Goals – 1)showing love and kindness towards other .2) Respect is shown towards life and nature. 3) Finding a peaceful state of mind .4) Maintaining a vegetarian diet.5) Healthy lifestyle and positive vibes play and important role. 6)Behaviour towards culture,nations & religion .7) Develop physical health.

Basic importance of life – Health isn’t everything, but without health everything is nothing .Health is the greatest gift ,contentment the greatest wealth,faithfulness the best relationship. Many different types of yoga to achieve self realization through different needs. These involve deep relaxation, concentration, Exercise as well as Mudras & Bandhas.(Special yoga technique). Food we eat is also responsible for our good health. Food we consume has influence both on our body as well as our psyche. Our habits and qualities. A well balanced diet includes grains, vegetables, pulses ,fruits ,nuts ,milk and milk products as well as honey, sprouts, salads, seeds, herbs and spices either raw or freshly cooked. Foods that are to be avoided are old,reheated or denatured food, meat & egg. It is also best to avoid alcohol,nicotine & drugs as they destroy our health. Many studies have tried to determine the effectiveness of yoga as a complimentary intervention for cancer, schizophrenia, asthma & heart diseases.

Yoga exercise Recharge the body with cosmic energy & facilitates.

1) Attainment of perfect equilibrium & harmony.

2) Promotes self healing.

3) Removes negative blocks from the mind and toxins from the body .

4) Enhance personal power.

5) yoga to live with greater awareness.

6) Helps in attention focus and concentration, especially important for children.

7) Reduces stress and tension in the physical body by activating parasympathetic nervous system.

8) Yoga for better relationship. The aspirant feels rejuvenated and energised. Thus yoga bestows upon every aspirant the powers to control body and mind .

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