Chanting of Om

Om is the first sound that emerged from the vibrations of the cosmic Energy that created the universe.It is the representation of the creator.

Chanting Om will give you a sense of the source of the universe and when chanted right, OM’s sound to be repeated as an Echo through your body,filling it with energy and calmness.

Om Exists in everything the word we speak, the things we use and in ourselves. The daily chanting of Om will give peace to your mind ,body and soul. There are 3 phonetic components of “OM” viz A,U, & M, However any of them is not pronounced distinctly while chanting “OM”. The prayer before starting daily practice of yoga should positively include Omkar Naad, So as to calm down the restless mind and attain the serenity required for the yoga Sadhana. The yogis of ancient India knew the inherent power of the OM mantra and chanted it to connect to their soul. Mind rules the Organs and the air rules the mind.Air in turn is controlled by Rhythm and Rhythm is ruled by vibrations. By practice of Omkar, the sadhaka gets naturally attracted towards the higher meditative aspects of yoga Viz. Dharana and Dhyan. It becomes easier to focus on the Shatchakras the six plexuses in the body. Omkar purifies and make the mind calm and cheerful. Builds such a virtues mind set, Which cannot be disturbed by destructive thoughts. One becomes free of fear,worries sorry and anger.

Steps to Follow – Sit comfortable in padmasan, Ardhapadmasan. Start with Rechaka (breathing out completely). Breathe in with Friction Ujjayi(Puraka) ad start pronouncing “Ooooooooooo” After 7 to 8 second close the lips and start pronouncing “Mmmmmmmmm” . Continue with sound mmmmm as long as possible in the uniform tone. Do not try to stretch beyond capacity. One chanting of “OM” corresponding with the consumption of a single breath. Breathe in again with friction Ujjayi(Puraka) and begin the next chanting of “OM”. Repeat 3 to 5 times and then focus your attention to the center of your chest. Forget the outside world and all other thoughts for 2 minutes and submerge yourself in the Vibrations of “OM” inside you.After 2 Minutes repeat the chant of “OM” twice .Now rub both the palms against each other and gently move them over your face before opening the eyes . This helps in absorbing within you the energy produced by Omkar Vibrations Which is rechargeable on your Finger tips.

Benefits –
Physical Benefits – Bring the blood pressure back to normal. Very Effective on Insomnia and other psychosomatic disorders. Helps against heart diseases, Diabetes, Gas trouble,Control Palpitation. Improves the function of vocal chord and thyroid Gland. Nervous system becomes very efficient.

Mental Benefits – Those suffering from Insomnia, low self-Esteem, Phobias and other psychological problems should chant “OM” just before going to bed. Chanting “OM” relieves one from thoughts that obstruct the thinking process. Thus one has better control over emotions , and can deal with difficult situations with a clear and rational mind.It helps in calming the brain, thereby increasing the power to concentrate. Improves Memory. Gives cotrol over shadripus (Six Enemies of the Mind)-Kama (Lust), Krodha (anger), Lobha (Greed), Mada (Arrogance), Moha (Attachment)and Matsara (Jealously) . Rejuvinates the mind by eliminating lethargy and boosts self confidence. Relaxes and pacifies the mind

Spiritual Benefits – It Activates our Chakras.

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