Glossary of the commonly used terms in Yoga

1. Puraka – Inhaling or Breathing in consciously.

2. Rechaka – Exhaling or Breathing out consciously.

3. Kumbhaka – Holding the breath. It is of two types:
—————Antar Kumbhaka – Holding the breathe inside for some time after inhalation.
—————Bahya Kumbhaka – Staying without breathe for some time after exhalation.
—————Keval Kumbhaka – In this the breathing process ceases and all bodily functions are carried out by a very important nadi (neural passage) named Sushumna.

4. Surya (Sun) Nadi – Nadis are the Subtle channels along which the vital forces of the prana flow. The channel starting from muladhara and reaching upto the right nostril. It provides warmth to the body. It is also called as Pingala, Ha or right nostril.

5. Chandra (Moon) Nadi – The Subtle channel starting from muladhara and reaching upto the left nostril. It provides coolness to the body. It is also called as Ida. Tha or left nostril.

6. Sushumna Nadi – The Subtle channel or conduit that starts from muladhara, travels through the spinal cord and reaches the brain. This nadi is of vital importance for spiritual development of the sadhaka. It functions as a source of fire.

7. Mukta Triveni – The point in the muladhara region from where all the nadis originate.

8. Yukta Triveni – The point between the eyebrows where all the nadis come together.

9. Ashta Chakra – (The Eight plexuses) – Muladhara, Svadhishthan, Manipur, Anaahat, Vishuddhi, Ajnya, Sahastrar and Mana Chakra.

10. Kriyas – The processes and activities practiced in Yoga, generally carried out in a sitting position. All the preliminary shuddhi (Purification) kriyas are included in these.

11. Asanas – Postures practiced in yoga that resemble light physical exercises.

12. Navadwaras – (Nine doors, openings or outlets of the body)- two eyes ,two ears, two nostrils and the mouth comprise of the seven upper doors or openings and the anus and urinary opening are the two lower doors of the body.

13. Mulabandha – Contracting and holding upwards the anus.

14. Jalandhar bandha – Tucking the chin close to the chest.

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