House to Home

It’s confounding how people make a four walled house into a lively home.
Be it a person or an entire family, it’s amazing how we tranform as individuals and make our house, a cozy abode to dwell in.

Expending the FDs, salaries of months, by taking loans and handling EMIs, one gets a sigh of relief only when he jumps on the house’s bed, after handling the knackering finance.

Then the decorum is set. Frames to be hung on the central wall, sofa set to be arranged wisely in the living room, chandlier to be hung right in the centre, neither too right, nor too left; perfectly in the centre. Done checking the electricity, the water supply, still something seems to be missing. Some sort of void could be felt.
This emptiness was filled up, by the near and dear ones. The kins and kiths.

When mom yells asking you to wake up early, dad asking for a cup of tea, the giggling of the grandparents on a petty joke that is cracked, makes the house a home. The children running here and there, pestering their mom, making fun of others, now that’s an ideal home.

Friends coming over, parties and DJs, sleepovers and binge watching, that’s something we all crave for!

Happiness lies in togetherness!
So celebrate each other, with nurture and affection. Don’t just distinguish on the basis of how many rooms a house consists. Be it a 1BHK or a 4BHK, house is a house, where love and care will conquer and win, always. Because, you own a place that is truly stupendous, a place wherein you dwell, a place that is yours where you can giggle, laugh, roar, shout and yell, a place that you call a HOME ❤

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