Balanced Diet

Diet chart

1 )Fats




A diet containing adequate quantities of all nutrients is called a Balanced diet .

We need all nutrients in the right proportion and in sufficient quantities in our daily diet ,to build a strong and healthy body.

Significance of a balanced diet:

  1. Increased capacity to work.
  2. Good physical and mental health.
  3. Increased capacity to fight/resist diseases.
  4. Helps in proper growth of the body.

How to get a balanced diet?

To get a balanced diet from the food we eat, we can make a food pyramid.All food which we classified into various groups. The space alloted to each food group in the pyramid, depends upon the proportion in which it should be included in our diet.

If we choose some items from each group in the right proportion according to the pyramid shown, we can make sure that we are getting a balanced diet.


If we select a daily diet which includes vegetables, fruits,sprouts & cereals according to the pyramid, we will also get fibre in sufficient quantity.

{(Always remember)- if our need for nutrients is met through the food we eat, the nutrients are better utilised in our body. Hence ,the best way to good health is taking a balanced diet and avoiding the deficiency of any nutrient.}Apart from having a balanced diet, we also need to exercise regularly to keep ourselves fit and healthy.》

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