Ganesh kriya (Mulshodhan kriya and Ashwini mudra)

Ganeshdhauti is a process that helps to eliminate common complaints like partial or dissatisfying bowel evacuation, hard stools, erratic, difficult or painful bowel motions, constipation and forceful evacuation etc. Nevertheless anyone can perform this kriya to experience its usefulness.
Before going to toilet in the morning, lubricate the forefinger of your left hand with some castor oil, ghee or sesame oil. Apply this lubricant around the anus from outside and inside. This is Ganesh kriya. Repeating 3 to 4 times, proceed to the next kriya.
Contract and relax the anal muscles in a manner just like the horse does while passing excreta. Repeat the contraction-relaxation cycle 10 to 12 times. This is called as Ashwini Mudra. Ganesh dhauti is to be done only as required, whereas Ashwini Mudra is to be done regularly by one and all.


In this era of fast food, it is very common to eat spicy and dry food items. This and the irregular eating timings cause a stress on the digestive system. Many laxatives and purgatives are being advertised and sold claiming permanent relief from this problem. However none of these medicine can strengthen the digestive system from within. The above mentioned kriyas are most useful, since they are in unison with nature’s modus operandi.
Ashwini Mudra can be performed anywhere and at any time of the day. There is no need to allocate specific time for it.

Special Instruction-

Ashwini mudra is not to be performed in case the anus is swollen due to piles or if there is pain or cracks in that area.


Strengthens and improves flexibility of muscles and blood vessels in the anal area. No other exercise can achieve this.

The lubricant used for Ganesh kriya slowly reaches the intestines due to Ashwini Mudra that follows. This results in effortless evacuation of bowels and relief from constipation.

Sluggishness of the organs diminishes and one becomes swift and energetic like a horse.

Piles and gas trouble is eliminated.Listlessness and depression vanish and confidence is generated.

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