Nothing Can Match…

When I was being created
in her womb, from that time
she has been going through
so much of strain..
She had so much to go through
and take care of me, but she
always remained so sane..
There was a lot at that moment
she wanted to express..
As there was no one to listen
so she used to refrain..
Nothing can match my mother’s
agony and all her pain.

My mother has been very polite
and never even tried to be rude..
She often used to sleep starving,
but made sure I always got my
She works as a maid and for that
she wakes up at 5 am sharp..
She helps me in completing all my
chores, which even includes waking
me up..
She has sacrificed all her dreams
just to bring me up…
She has been the kindest person
and has done everything always
so good..
But for all her positive actions
she has just been misunderstood..
Nothing can match my mother’s
She has been very down to earth,
even to the one’s who were always

I have seen her sobbing with sorrows
every night…
Trust me seeing her in that state was
not at all a sight of delight…
Whenever she used to be caught up
with problems, I have seen her beautiful
face turning white…
She always fulfilled all my wishes,
my birthday gifts were always on time
even though her financial situation was
very tight…
Nothing can match my mother’s
She did everything just to make my
future bright.

One day I will pull her out from all
her sorrows and make sure she has
nothing to worry…
I will give her all the happiness that
she deserves and all her pain and
tears I will burry…
Her beautiful face will shine again
and for her, there will never be any
more showers of pain..
I will set her free from all those
unwanted strains..
All her efforts she put behind me
will never go in vain..
Nothing can match my mother’s
powers, the place where she was
I will make sure over there she
proclaims her reign.

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