Please don’t Kill Me

“Let me go” I yelled, he always wants to hold me, catch me.

It is disgusting to be held in one corner of a room day and night. He follows me everywhere. He hides in the dark but I know he watches over me. I will not let him harm me, I remember the day he began following me. 

I always wondered what it would be to make love to Rekha, she was beautiful. After lunch, I took her to my beach house. We made love, though she resisted. I know she was just putting on an act to excite me. In the aftermath, I don’t know why she called me a monster. She bled, it was gruesome and she screamed. To shut her up I put a pillow on her face. She struggled and kicked me. After some time she was still, she looked at me with wild eyes. I could not look at her, her face had contorted into something very ugly. I left and looked at the beach house. It was eerily quiet and I saw this dark figure emerge from the dark. I ran but he never left my side.

I am tired, I feel caged. But I am smart as I never allow him to come near me. I run in the room away from him. Yet his hand is always outstretched to catch me. I call him my enemy but people here say he is my Silhouette. They don’t know how dangerous he is. He wants to kill me for hurting Rekha, he does I know. Please believe me, please.

Stop him from killing me, I looked at the dark corner where he resides. “Please don’t kill me,” I begged.

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  1. This is an awesome piece!

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