Tell me Time

Just as I was jaywalking, a little 8-year-old girl walks up to me and smiles politely, “Please can you tell me the time?”.

Immediately I show her my wrist only to realise I haven’t worn my watch. I give her a nervous smile. This is a nightmare for me. This is my test to tell time accurately to a little girl, and if I can’t, it’s simply embarrassing.

I rummage through my bag for the phone.

“Sorry for the trouble.” She waits.

The stakes are high now, I better tell her the time correctly. I struggle to light up my phone, I mean I do this in my sleep, why am I struggling?

Stammering I tell her, “it’s 8:16” and literally show it to her.

She mouths “Thank you!” and skips away.

I have averted the most dangerous situation, I sigh in relief and walk towards my home.

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