The technique of purification

Dhauti, Neti, Tratak, Kapalbhati . They help to get rid of Fats accumulated all over the body,unwanted air,bile and phelgm etc . In other words all the toxins are thrown out of the body.

The foodpipe,windpipe,forehead,abdominal cavities all get purified. With the result, all the systems of the body (digestive, excretory, respiratory, circulatory etc.) start functioning very efficiently .

The Sadhaka having fats,air ,bile and phelgm in excess must perform shatkarmas before practicing Pranayama. (Once these factors are balanced properly, the diseases vanish and body gets purified. After that it is not necessary to perform them regularly.Jaladhauti are not to be performed frequently , otherwise new ailments will get generated instead of curing the existing ones. Such a situation will create misunderstanding about the yoga shastra. Therefore it is advised to undertake proper, guided practice consistently and derive utmost benefit from yoga to make the life blissful.

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