The Unknown Dream

In a nuclear family, there lived a girl named Emma. She was an intelligent, pretty girl in her classroom.

Every time she went to the church she always prayed for being able to do whatever she wanted to, but she never knew what her life’s goal was.

Amelia, her elder sister was a bright student too. Both the sisters stood first in every examination. Amelia wanted to become a doctor and save lives, she studied too hard to build up her career in cardiology.

One day when Amelia returned home from college she found guests in her house who had come to arrange an engagement with her. Being a very calm and obedient girl, she burnt her dreams for the satisfaction of her father and got married to a well settled man. Now she is a mother of two children, though she has the ability to become a doctor she is a home maker.

Emma didn’t want to kill her dreams for anyone but she doesn’t know what her life goal is.
One day at her college Emma noticed a lecturer who was providing free motivational class to her seniors. From the window she was listening to what the lecturer was speaking. After some discussion, the lecturer asked the students to take a paper and write down the questions “What about myself do I love?”, “What are my fears?”, “How do I want the society to change?” and finally “Am I happy with my decision about my own future?”, she ordered all the students to answer the questions by standing in front of the mirror.

Emma copied the questions and when she reached home, standing in front of the mirror she tried to answer the questions. Emma loved her voice, she had a fear of not being able to achieve her unknown dream, she wanted the society to change it’s mindset about girls, while answering to these questions.

Emma suddenly thought of becoming a personality responsible for the society’s changed mindset, now she knows what her dream is and the answer to the final question from her side was ‘Yes’.

Soon Emma was also married to a business man but this time she was the founder and the CEO of the NGO she started for girls like her sister who burnt their dreams for their families.

That day was a Monday when Emma woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning with a joy of knowing her life goal, with a pleasant feeling of discovering her own self and the lecturer in her dreams was her own sister who lost her life that evening while saving the lives of three children in a fire accident at her neighbor’s building.

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