There are 2 types of Energies

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Positive – Improves our health
  • Negative – worst for our health

Positive – within us

Healthy physiology are within us.
It is good for oneself.
There are 4 types of positive which are within us,which is good for our mental health are.1)compassion 2) friendliness 3) Non-violence 4) Truthfulness.

Positive – outside us

When environment is good , it gives positive vibes.
Sociable person who willingly help us.

Negative – within us

There are two types of negativity -Bodily / Mental.
Psychosomatic Disorder -Is that bodily disorders which has its roots in emotions like Asthma .(Main cause of Asthma-Fear ,Anxiety,Greed, Hatred).
Somatopsychic Disorder – Body affect mind like Dermatopathy. (Main cause of Dermatopathy – Anger).If a person is in continuous state of Anger , He/She will lead to Dermatopathy.

Negative – outside us

There are two types of negativity – Physical / Social.
Physical /Outer negativity – Pollution(air,water,noise), heep of garbage.
Social negativity – Abusive person(Familiar,neighbourhood,working place,Educational institute).
Affect our behaviour and thinking.
Adversely affect our conduct and thinking process.

How to overcome from negativities

Sattvik food.
Transform negative into positive.
To control over mind -Meditation , Chanting.
Chanting creates powerful positive vibrations,Capable of removing negativities,Brings healthy vibrations.
Meditation makes our mind sharp,spinal chord erect ,powerful positive vibrations.

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