It happened that night

We are thrilled to announce the winners and further delighted to post all the participating entries that we received for the prompt of ‘It happened that night’ on Instagram, which received amazing response.

While it was difficult to make a choice on the winners because all the poems were indeed beautifully crafted; we ended up selecting not one or two, but EIGHT winners for the prompt!

It was a treat to read the various poetic tales spun by you about what happened that night that ranged from love stories to werewolf mysteries to violence on women to the plight in Kashmir!

Congratulations to each one of you for creating this magic with your words.


Written by Pankhudi Pandey

It happened that night,
the night I left that place,
the night I left you,
The leaves were calm, no cold breeze,
nothing like it shows in the movies and books,
when something is nearing an end.
The sky wasn’t crying for us,
hell I wasn’t crying either,
and you,
well you didn’t even know I was leaving.

It happened that night,
the night she left this place,
the night she left me.
I was out with my friends,
everything seemed calm, serene,
nothing unusual,
nothing signaling me of the storm that was about to sweep away all my happiness, her.

Does he still think about me?
Do you think he remember me?
Do you think he dreams about me?
Do you think he hates me?
For not being able to say a goodbye.

Does she still think about me?
Does she even remember me?
Do you think she ever sees me in her dreams?
I am sure she hates me,
for not being able to meet her for our final goodbye.

They meet each other in their dreams,
with blurred faces,
because years have passed,
the childhood faces have now turned into a fog.
Now all that they have are memories,
bittersweet memories.
They remember each other,
love each other,
live in each others mind and heart,
and continue to miss each other every living day.

It happened that night,
the night I lost him,
and along with that,
I lost myself.

It happened that night,
the night I lost her,
and along with that,
I lost myself .

Written by Shifa Khan

It happened that night
When the sky was on fire
And the streets were all quiet
Twilight had set in and it didn’t feel right

She made herself run
Flee the gruesome scene
She had to leave it all behind
But it wouldn’t escape her mind

She thought she was alone that night
Nobody was in sight
She hadn’t seen it coming
The onslaught, the throbbing

She felt her head explode
Her body in agony
All senses had collapsed
Her strength had dwindled

She groped in the dark
Found something hard
Used it as a weapon
Before the worst could happen

And then she felt nothing
Just relief and tranquility
She got up on her feet
In that moment of heat

And walked away silently
Far from the site
Letting the night shroud her like a dark cowl
Goes without saying, no harm no foul

Written by Udita Mukherjee

Written by Khan Iram

Written by Nivedita Karmaran

Written by Nilanjana Banerjee

Written by Gowri Bhargav

Written by Nithya Vijay

Participant entries

Written by Vandana
Written by Shireen Haider
Written by Sundari K.
Written by Deepak Amembal
Written by Priya Nayak Gole
Written by Jayashree P.
Written by Vidhi Ahuja
Written by Kavisri
Written by Sneha Acharekar
Written by Manish Makwana

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