Junk food

Chocolates, noodles, burgers, pizzas, chips, bottled soft drinks, attractively packaged snacks as also ready fried foodstuffs available in the market such as Wadas,pakodas, etc. are very tasty and we like them very much . However ,these foodstuffs contain refined flour, sugar, oil in large proportions. When refined flour,is made from wheat or when sugar is made from sugarcane,many nutrients in the wheat or sugarcane are lost in the process. Hence ,all we get from these foods is energy and our hunger is satisfied.

Naturally, if we eat a lot of junk foods, we will get insufficient quantities of the items from other food groups. If this happens frequently, our body soon experiences a shortage of proteins, vitamins and minerals and that may lead to malnutrition.

Junk food eaten frequently also causes obesity. Obesity is not good for our health. As such foods do not supply all the necessary nutrients, they are called junk foods.

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