Kinds of pain according to TattvaSamasa

{No person is known to be free from pain ,Everyone is Subject to it}

According to TattvaSamasa there are 3 kinds of Pain –
1)Adhyatma – Root within human personality.
2)Adhibhutam – External enviromental factors-Physical/Social.
3)Adidevam – Pain brought about by celestial agencies of the sky.
Vinayaka -Obstacles/Hindrance.

Yaksa-Kinds of ghost or spirit.

Raksasa-Belonging to evil spirit.

1)Adhyatma Pain / Its 2 types /How are they brought about /Explain with examples
Adhyatma{Adhi}+ {Atmani} – is a source of pain is within the human personality. We should try to remove. The two types of Adhyatma Pain are 1)Bodily 2)Mental.
Bodily – Brought about by disorders of the wind,Bile&Phelgm(Vatta,Pitta,Kapha)vyadhi -Imbalances in the humans of the body.
Mental – Mental pain is brought about by Desire,Anger,Lust,Confused,Fear,Envy,Sadness & Non-Attainment of the object of desire.
All this {Bodily &Mental} should be regarded as Adhyatma.

2)Adhibhutam Pain
Pain brought about by external environmental factors-Physical & Social. Other Human beings, beasts,birds,reptiles & immovable things.

Pain brought about by celestial agencies of the sky. Influence of Planetary powers (They are of 3 types)
Vinayaka – Any obstacle /Hurdle/Hindrance.
Yaksa-Kind of Ghost/Spirit.
Raksasa-Belonging to evil spirit.

Solutions of these Pains
There are many easy means to remove these kinds of pain.
1)Adhyatma -Bodily pain can be cured by drinking jadibuti(Natural Herbs), Mental Pain can be cured by Building splendid Palace-(Like Gautam Buddha ) His father had builded every season palaces like Buddha,By Making Excellent dishes, Shopping of ornaments.
2)Adhibhutam -For improving Social evironment carry out various schemes.Swach Bharat Abhiyaan, Beti Bachao Andolan, Anti corruption drive, Demonalisation. By following these we can attain a favourable social structure- conducive to healthy life.
3)Adidevam – Pain can be removed by using 1)various jewels 2) Chanting of Mantra.
When ordinary means are available………………….
Why study this sastra?
Absolute & Permanent Cessation(Stoppage of pain is not possible by such remedies.
They supress the problem only for time being.
The possibility of reappearance of these pain remains.


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