Resolutions are always Illusions

“Bloody Integration!” whispered Neha, while she was solving problems from her Physics textbook.

“Come for the lunch, Nehu” screamed Mrs. Sharma from the kitchen.

“What’s for lunch?”

“It’s your favorite bhindi ki sabzi beta, come fast.”

Closing her textbook Neha strolled towards the kitchen to take her plate as if she has defeated Integration with the help of Okra.

 “Aai, call me out only if the evening snacks are ready” said Neha and closed the door of her room after she finished her lunch.

“Beep, Beep” her phone rang as soon as she shut the door.


“Hey, Neha have you finished Integration?”

“Not yet Prachi, I’m still stuck in the 4th question”


“Okay fine, have you at least completed two chapters?”

“No, I just started with Integration and this topic is out off my mind”

“Do you remember that we have an exam tomorrow?”

“How could you be so careless and lazy Neha?”

“Stop scolding me Prachi, it’s better not to waste time in calling each other”

“Let’s prepare for tomorrow, once I’m done with all the three chapters I will call you myself”

“Fine okay. All the Best.”

“You too, bye”

Neha switched her phone off thinking that any other message or call would distract her and opened her textbook again back with the preparation.

In the night at 10 O’clock, when Neha was finally done with her preparation, “It’s 10 p.m., I better message Prachi instead of making a call, she might be sleeping.” Whispered Neha and messaged Prachi.

“Hey Prachi,
I’m done with my preparation, hope you are too. All the Best for tomorrow.
Good Night.”


27th December

“Aai, I’m back” screamed Neha when she returned home from school.

“Go wash your hands and have snacks”

“Aai, you know today’s exam was quite easy” said Neha as she took a bite of her favorite chocolate cookies.

“Hope so, let’s talk about the exam when your results are out” said Mrs. Sharma with a cunning smile.

“Beep, Beep” the phone rang again.


“Hello aunty, this is Prachi”

“Hi beta, how are you?”

“All good aunty, how about you and uncle?”

“We are all fine here”

“Aunty, is Neha back home?”

“Yes, stay on the line”

“I’m passing the phone to her”

“Yes, Prachi”

“Hey, Neha shall we meet?”

“Why not, but when and where?”

“Nehru Park? At 5 pm?”


“Okay then, come fast”

At Nehru Park, Prachi and Neha along with Gopal and Bhanu had a discussion about the New Year Party. They decided to celebrate New Year from 31st December in the morning to 1st January till midnight. They had all the plan ready. On 31st at 10 O’clock in the morning they will be meeting at Prachi’s house and then from the afternoon 3 O’clock till the evening 7 O’clock they will playing at Gopal’s house and finally from 7.30 pm onwards they will be enjoying New Year Party at Neha’s house. All of them have made a similar New Year Resolution too.

Gopal and Bhanu are twins who live in Neha and Prachi’s building. All the four children are best friends and belong to the same school.

After reaching home Neha describes the whole conversation between four of them at Nehru Park to Mrs. Sharma and later goes to her room and makes a list of her New Year Resolutions and sticks it to the wall.

1. Waking up early in the morning.
2. Doing yoga after getting up.
3. Completing all the works on time.
4. Drinking two glasses of milk every day.
5. Going to school every day.”


From 31st December to 15th January everything was going according to the plan. They all enjoyed the New Year Party and also managed to follow there so called resolutions.

On 15th January, Neha didn’t wake up early and do yoga. When Mrs. Sharma pulled her blanket and asked her to get up from the bed she refused to go to school also and gave the reason of the cold weather and pulled her blanket back and slept. She drank half glass of milk in the evening and decided to complete the pending school work tomorrow.

At night after Mrs. Sharma was done cleaning the kitchen floor she went to throw the dust inside the dustbin where she found the New Year Resolution list which Neha sticked to the wall on 27th December,
“I knew she will never follow those resolutions like happened the previous years”, muttered Mrs. Sharma.

She quietly opened the door of Neha’s room and found her asleep on bed.

“All the Resolutions are always Illusions”, she gently whispered smiling at her daughter.

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