The art of storing Tea

It was one of my very good friend’s birthday yesterday and after a very long span of time we spoke and spoke and spoke. The call went on for about 59 mins and 17 seconds (wink wink… I remember clearly because I declared the duration of it at the end of our call very proudly to my husband as he heard the entire gossip session).

Well, this blog is an outcome of that very chat, you could say. Very random – totally unlike my usual style if writing but I thought it would be useful to many like-minded women. Another important reason to share this tip is the inspiration from our dear blogger Varunika Rajput’s blog… about ‘Giving’.

Okay… so let’s begin. This blog is all about Chai.

Well, ofcourse you know how to make it. That’s not what this is about, so read on. Here goes another disclaimer: If you normally make your tea with most portion of milk, this may not save you. But if you’re like me who prepares her tea black and then needs just about two teaspoons of milk for colour, then this is for you.

So this topic came up when my friend spoke about how her day is spent mostly in the kitchen not just to cook meals but because now Tea had to be made multiple times during the day for everyone in the house. I couldn’t help but run to my friend’s rescue!

While many of you may already know this saviour secret, I’m sharing this for the rest of you ladies so you don’t have to crib about making tea ever again.

This is how I make my tea:
Grind or grate your ginger in the tea pan
Grind cloves or cinnamon in the same as per your preference. You could add lemon grass too
Add water according to as many cups you need in a day or till the brim of your pan if you want to make more tea in quantity
Add sugar and tea masala (if you need it)
Place the pan on your gas stove and heat till water boils
Add a teaspoon of tea powder each for one cup of tea while the water is boiling and let the tea boil for a minute
Turn off the stove and let the boiling tea settle for a minute
Strain the entire contents of the pan into another vessel for storage

This strained or filtered tea can be stored and will last you for – I’m not sure how many days – I’ve sometimes had it for three days. Don’t pour milk in the tea if you plan to store it for more than few hours. The taste of this stored black tea doesn’t get stronger or bitter because you’ve already filtered the tea powder out of it. I’m a chai freak and this amazing tip was shared by my mother with me some years ago. It’s absolutely amazing and saves you a lot of time during your day.

Do let me know if you try this and whether you find any difference in your taste of tea. I decided to share this with chai freaks like me because come on… you love tea, you can’t crib about having to make it many times!

Remember: The happier you are when you make your tea, the better (not bitter) it tastes!

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