Practice of jalaneti (neti) should be started after performing Jaladhauti for 15-20 days. It is advised to use “Neti pot” in the beginning. Take salted lukewarm water in the pot. Position the pot’s spout in one of the nostrils. Tilt your head to the other side and slowly deliver water into the nostril while breathing through open mouth. Water will automatically flow out from the other nostril. Repeat the process with the other nostril. After sufficient practice of taking water inside the nasal cavity one can use a glass instead of the neti pot. Salted lukewarm water from the glass can be directly sipped in from both the nostrils and let out by mouth. This water may be thrown out of the mouth or swallowed.

• Beginners using cold water for Neti may catch cold. Salted lukewarm water is best for removing impurities and dryness of the nasal passage.
• After sufficient practice there is no need to warm up the water or add salt.
• After neti, it is advised to perform Kapalbhati with both the nostrils a little forcefully so as to remove remaining water drops from the nasal passage. This will prevent catching cold.
• Neti performed once a day is enough. It can be performed twice a day as a special case say after a lot of travel etc.
• Neti can be performed by adding cow-ghee, milk or turmeric to the water in specific ailments; however it should be done under expert guidance.

Special Instructions-
• Those suffering from any disorder of the ears should consult yoga teacher before doing neti.
• Those who may have undergone an eye surgery should not attempt neti for 6 months.Benefits-
• Helps the respiratory system by purifying the nasal passage.
• Cures cold, phlegm, sinusitis, migraine and insomnia.
• Eyesight becomes clearer and brighter.
• Eliminates heat related ailments. Neti is essential for those who have to stay awake at night.
• Improves functioning of olfactory nerves (sense of smell)
• Reduces internal nose bleeding.
• Eye ailments like reddening, irritation, inflammation of eyes etc. are cured.
• Removes tiredness and increases enthusiasm and vitality.

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