As my eyes shift their glance in the mirror,
From gazing at the beauty you possess,
To my own bare, uncovered body,
That you ravish like it’s your favourite meal,
I moan your name with pleasure,
Surrendering every inch of my body,
And every speck of my soul,
To the grasp of your firm touch,
And the warmth of your embrace.

Your words ring in my ears,
From every single time you open up,
About how beautiful you think I am,
And how you always chide me,
For never seeing myself the way you do,
While I continue to look in the mirror,
To see your lips grazing every part of my body,
This body that I loathe,
This body that’s full of imperfections,
This body that’s never been good enough.

My mind wanders off elsewhere,
While you continue to devour me in ways I love,
As I think about the fat jutting out of my hips,
The small bulge in my stomach,
The missing gap between my thighs,
And the sag in my arms,
As I let out a sigh,
While you continue to celebrate and worship my body,
Like the temple you say it is.

As your hands tenderly graze every inch of me,
And your lips collide with mine,
My eyes keep trying to wander off again,
To catch as many glimpses as I can,
Of your loving eyes & charming smile,
And my hands go on to caress,
Every part of you that is perfect to me,
While my mind continues to wonder how,
Someone like you actually finds perfection,
In an imperfect soul like me.

Like the bright striking sun,
Your firey passion becomes my light,
As you drag the darkness out of me,
And like the calm shining moon,
The comfort of my light,
Is what you come home to every night.
And everytime we get together,
Just like the sun and moon,
Our union feels as magical
As a dazzling eclipse.

As our bodies entwine in each other’s solace,
And I glance at the marks of your love,
That you leave all over my body,
As you wrap your arms tightly around me,
And we gaze at each other once again,
I see the little bulge in your belly,
And I let out a smile when I realize,
That our flaws never meet the others’ eyes,
And how in you I’ve managed to find,
My own little paradise.

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