This kriya is to be performed at least twice a day, once after getting up in the morning and then at bed time in the night. Clean water either fresh from tap or stored, may be used for this kriya. Fill the mouth by as much water as possible so that the cheeks are puffed up .Then holding the water in the mouth, splash cold water on your open eyes. Splash the water alternatively on each eye. After 7-8 splashes you may feel a little breathless and have an urge to let the water out. At this point let out the water and repeat the same process by filling the mouth with water again. Repeat the process thrice so that both eyes are splashed for total 20-25 times. Men and women of any age can perform this kriya, as it is greatly beneficial.

• Those suffering from chronic eye problems, cataract or gutta Serena or those advised to undergo eye surgery should seek experts’ advice, as they may not get all benefits of Netrasnan.
• This kriya can be performed at any time during the day. Those using computers or those working in hot sun are advised to do Netrasnan 2-3 times in the day in addition to the morning and bedtime Netrasnan.
• Ensure to keep eyes open while splashing water.

Special Instructions-

• Do not perform Netrasnan wearing contact lenses.
• Do not perform Netrasnan if lenses have been fixed permanently by surgery.

Benefits-• Proves very beneficial in minor problems of eyes, irritation.
• Vision becomes clearer and bright.
• Those wearing spectacles of minor power are saved from further deterioration of vision. Eye problems related to ageing are avoided.
• Holding water in the mouth stretches blood vessels up to the cerebral area and reduces excess heat in this area.
• Heat related ailments are cured to some extent. Acne and pimples are cured.
• Lethargy is overcome and a feeling of freshness is maintained throughout the day.
• Netrasnan performed early in the morning helps to remove sleepiness and lethargy. When performed before going to bed it helps to get sound sleep. Hence this kriya has dual advantage.

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