Sawaar Loon – Song Synopsis

In a world brimming with impermanence, Sawaar Loon is a melody that transports you back to the time when love was sacredly permanent, & found itself in plucked flower petals, painted brush strokes & savoured handwritten letters.

Three soothing minutes of this soulful 70s style track transport you to an era where affection hid amidst the sips of tea enjoyed together in the afternoons, beautifully silent car rides & the warmth of hands colliding with each other; every now & then playfully sneaking out in the form of love.

//Baramade Purane Hain Nayi Si Dhoop Hai,
Jo Palke Khatkhata Raha Hai Kiska Roop Hai
Shararatein Kare Jo Aise Bhoolke Hijab,
Kaise Usko Naam Se Main Pukar Loon//

A novice in love doesn’t realize the the delicacy it carries along with it. It is a transformation, an experience like none other. Life is the same, yet entirely different. It’s about relinquishing your inhibitions, & surrendering your heart to them, the one you’ve been guarding forever. It’s about frowning at their frolicking, yet falling for it more & more every day. It’s not the thrill of spending a night with them, but realizing the next morning that theirs is the only face you want to wake up to forever.

//Yeh Sari Koyalein Bani Hain Aaj Dakiyan,
Kuhu Kuhu Me Chitthiyan Padhe Mazakiyan,
Inhe Kaho Ki Na Chhupaye, Kisne Hai Likha Bataye,
Uski Aaj Main Nazar Utaar Loon//

Love sneaks up on you when you least expect it, & before you know, it grows on you so powerfully that you just can’t let it go. It hides between the pages of your diary, as you paint your story in colours of it. It’s what lies in those hidden glances, unsaid words & bedazzling eyes. It’s the magic that’s all around you- the chirping of birds, the rays of the sun, the shadow of dew-kissed leaves & the gentle breeze of ecstasy that strikes you, carrying your enamored heart along with it.

//Badal Rahi Hai Aj Zindagi Ki Chal Zara,
Isi Bahane Kyun Na Main Bhi Dil Ka Hal Zara,
Sawaar Loon Haye Sawar Loon//

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