To the Eternal Sunshine in my sky

Dear Sushant,

Somewhere between heaven & earth this letter filled with my pain, might just lose its way, just like you lost yours in this gruesome world. Would it be alot to ask you to return from your peaceful abode?  Maybe you regret some stuff from whatever you left behind. You know what I, as your fan, regret? Not writing this letter when you were still alive.

From Pavitra Rishta to the big screen was a quick transition. Ishaan who was full of passion, happiness & a tremendous love for chasing his dreams always reminded me of you, because the sparkle in his eyes always reminded me of the dreams you so bravely carried in yours.

You went onto to deliver incredible performances one after the other, and I fell deeper in love with you every single day. From your newspaper cut-outs to stalking you on twitter & instagram, to bunking morning lectures to watch your films, my attachment grew, along with copious amounts of admiration, respect & love I felt for you. All your performances, be it Byomkesh, Sarfaraz, MSD, Ani, Manny- each of them always managed to sweep me off my feet.

The news of your passing hit me like a ship hitting an iceberg. I felt absolutely numb. How could your journey be over already? You woke up one day and then you were just gone? I was in total disbelief. Days passed by as I tried to come to terms with the news, but I simply couldn’t. Yours was a loss that felt too personal, and your absence ate me up more and more every single day.

How ironical it was that so many of the characters you portrayed met such unexpectedly devastating ends in the movies. Perhaps our films aren’t as different from real life as we think. You left us with one final performance after you were gone, and Manny too met a painful end, as heartbreaking as your own.

You’re finally at peace now, the peace that this cruel world could never give you. You may be gone, but the legacy of Sushant Singh Rajput will never fade away. We can’t bring you back, Sush. But we can make one promise, something we should’ve done when you were alive. Every time the world stands on a path that’s against you, you’ll find us with you, right by your side. Seri? Seri.

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