I Promise

This year,
I promise to me,
I will love myself.
I will put myself first for the first time.
Oh yes, yes I will.

This year,
I won’t be that girl who
Mourned her unrequited love; and
Put on a synthetic smile.

This year,
I would discard attachments
That prey on me
Like parasites.

I look back and recall
This day, an year ago,
Perhaps a couple more.
Did I make this resolution back then too?
Oh, I’m sure that’s not true.

But, I remember being a little girl,
Just an year ago.
I remember
Screaming in the pillow
For reasons so puny;
For being abandoned
Which seems so normal now.
And, I remember making this vow.

But, I have grown up now.
I know my worth.

I know my value.
I know that I matter.

We cheat some, some cheat us;
But this is when
We cheat ourselves.
We keep lying to ourselves,
“My new year’s resolution is…”
And we break them again and again.

However, I wonder;
What is it that
Makes me break
My promises to myself?
Or, perhaps, irony is the
Essence of such resolutions.

Oh, what was I saying?
This year,
I will love myself.
My dear new year’s resolution,
I vow to complete thee!

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