New Year : New Me

The Year that was:

New year resolutions always begin from reflecting on “the year that was” and I must say, 2020 and the pandemic in that year got us into some hygiene rituals like washing our face, hands and legs once you are back home from wherever or to eat more of home-cooked food being the least of things we all have followed. These were initially fear induced… (isn’t like we never did all of this earlier) but the key here is discipline. “Every time”!!

Amidst all the negatives we have had to dodge/face, there are finer positives like not having to visit a GP (general practitioner) in almost a year now! “wow doesn’t that sound awesome already??!” It is not like me or my family members haven’t called in sick with a fever or common cold… but there were no dispensaries operational then and the scare of not wanting to spread your infection to anyone was so strong that I took the herbs available at home and at max pop a paracetamol (available OTC) to treat the symptoms and bounce back to life…! 

It was good to have people in the house available to check on you continuously… yes I could still continue working a few hours without having to call in sick at work…! because I didn’t have to travel and i could lay down for a while after the paracetamol made you drowsy… 

Eating healthy home cooked food anyway meant keeping your digestive system in check and not gaining those extra calories you end up ingesting with junk you ate at work or parties!

The time I got to spend with my (now) 2.3 yrs. old for over 10 months now and watch him accomplish so many milestones… from blabbering monosyllables to replying in a complete sentence; from crying as a means to express himself to clearly indicating his preferences was a joy to witness! I think i truly understood why they say “A mother is born because of a child…” 

I wouldn’t say that the year was all goody good nor less challenging – whether it is surviving without a maid or juggling work from home and still not leaving your wife/mom cap behind was a challenge and working beyond office hours to attend meetings or to keep my calm with the background madness at home was not albeit easy but I am sure it made me a more tolerant and more accepting human… it was good see myself push my limits and make things happen.

Coming far away from going out, plan a vacation or weekend shopping or hosting guests, visiting people or doing anything that I earlier did to spend my free time, 2020 gave me that much needed push to look into my hidden abilities and long lost passion to write and read more! Made me realise how precious time is and there is none to regret…

It also made me realise that you may answer “what did you do new in the pandemic” with “I relaxed myself a little more and gave myself the me time needed” and it is way legit…! (basically what ever made me happy, whatever kept me going)

The year that went by did show me the true meaning of happiness and how it actually is within me and up to me to stay happy for as long as I wished and under any circumstances…

I would only say, each one has had our share in being affected by this pandemic; gratitude isn’t something that will come out naturally at this point in time but the fact that my blood is warm enough to pen this down and for your heart to be beating a little faster while reading this is enough reason to say “thank you 2020” for your lessons and letting me be…

New year Resolution:

2021and thereon for me is about

–          focusing on my health and adding more discipline to life 

–          It is about not taking any moment for granted

–          It is about valuing what ‘IS’ & ‘do Have’

–          It is about being grateful for everything despite all that we lost – even when gratitude won’t come naturally


Above All, it is about not losing hope and waiting patiently

About Knowing: “You take a chance by choice; not make a choice by chance”

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