New Year Resolutions

New Year is that time of the year that marks a new beginning – A reason to give a fresh and new start to everything. A term that is commonly heard around this time of the year is “resolution”.

What is a Resolution?

A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Making resolution is easier and easily accomplished by many. However, a very few adhere to the resolutions made in the beginning of the year.  While some resolutions are solely for self development or progress, a few resolutions help in general welfare of the entire society.

Here are some of the resolutions that can transform you as an individual;

Wake up Early

While this may sound highly clichéd, research has shown that waking up early has many benefits. A lot of productivity and positivity has been linked with early risers. And early risers almost always sleep early. It also helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by allocating time for all activities.

Eat Healthy Food

Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid eating outside as much as you can. Also make a note of all that you eat in a day. This helps in tracking all the things that you consume so that you can be more watchful about your diet. This indirectly helps you to cut down on unnecessary calories.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is very important for all individuals. Set a fitness goal and start exercising if you haven’t started yet. It can be as simple as walking a few kilometers everyday or joining a dance, aerobics, yoga or zumba class. Just choose whichever makes you happy. Exercising helps in maintaining a healthy body and in turn a healthy mind.

Clean your House

Clean your house in regular intervals. Cleaning the house also helps in cleaning the mind. Make a checklist of all the places that need your attention and clean them in regular intervals.

Quit Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking is something that can become an addiction. If you notice you are getting addicted then it’s time you follow a path that leads you to quit them. Get help and assistance in case you find it difficult to do it yourself.

Read Books

Make a list of all the books that you might want to read and start reading. Books can be your best friends and they also help to relax your mind.

Develop a Hobby

Develop a hobby like painting, sewing or writing. If there is some other hobby that you enjoyed during your childhood then it’s time to revive them.

Have a Positive Outlook

This is easier said than done. But learn to embrace positivity in life. It takes a long time to develop this state of mind. Every morning after you wake up make a list of 5 things that you are grateful for. This helps to start the day with a positive outlook. If you feel a little down then try to get help from your friends or relatives. A few minutes of pep talk from a good friend can help a great deal.

Track your Expenses.

Track all your expenses by documenting every rupee that is spent. It helps in planning your wants and needs. Settle all bills on time to avoid any unnecessary penalties.

Spend more time with Family

Allocate a few hours every week as exclusive family time. Avoid using gadgets during family time. Play board games, travel or exercise together as a family.

And some of the resolutions that can help the society as a whole are;

Go Green

Avoid using plastics as much as you can. Remember the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Also carry a bag for all your needs wherever you go.

Walk or Bike

Walk or cycle for short distances as much as possible. This helps in reducing pollution.


Every year allocate a specified amount of your income for charity. It helps those in need and also gives you a sense of satisfaction.


Volunteer your time and efforts for a good cause. There are a lot of people who would be benefitted by an extra pair of hands. It will make you a contended individual in the long run.

While all these resolutions listed here can help you greatly, nothing is achievable overnight. It involves dedication and a great deal of self motivation. Be optimistic but try to be consistent in all your efforts.

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