Steps- Fold both the legs in the knees,stretch the toes backwards and sit in between the heels.Both the knees should be touching one another. Rest your palms on the thighs or rest the left palm on the right palm and place them on your lap near the abdomen. The spinal cord should be held straight.

Instructions –

1. Take care not to stretch too much in the attempt to hold the spine straight.

2. Do not sit on the heels.

Special Instructions-

1. Do not practice Vajrasan if having swollen or tattered knees or if the legs have been injured due to accident or any other reason.

2. Those having problem of varicose veins should perform Vajrasan under the observation of the Yoga teacher.

3. Those having flat feet should not sit in Vajrasan.


1. Joints pain,seizure of joints etc is cured.

2. The digestive organs receive more blood and their efficiency is increased.

3. The muscles of the legs get strengthened and the blood flow becomes smooth.Complaints like leg pain etc are cured.

4. Appetite is boosted .Defecation process is eased and constipation is cured.

5. Effective on ailments like Hydrocele in men and excessive bleeding or very little bleeding during periods in women.

6. The heart gets rest to some extent.

7. Skin diseases and side effects of strong medicines get cured.

8.Helps to recover erosion of the organs above the waist. Those who have undergone surgery on the upper part of the body may practice Vajrasana for speedy recovery, after consulting an expert.

9. The kidneys speed up their process of blood purification and removal of toxins.

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