Letter to Ananya from 2 States

Dear Ananya,

Being the prettiest & most sought-after girl, the ambitious economics topper at the prestigious IIM, the fierce dowry shunner or the bold & daring lover is not what makes you my favourite female character of all time. I love you because a woman like you doesn’t need a hero, you’re the hero of your own story.

You prove that you’re the woman who’s not tied down by her family’s expectations. You stand up for yourself, you demand to be treated with respect, & you take pride in the person you are. You dream, & then you work as hard as you can to chase that dream until it’s yours- be it your career or love.

You don’t always agree with your parents, but you respect them enough to not disappoint them.
You’re progressive, & you live life on your own terms, not how society expects you to. You drink that beer, have that relationship, take that faraway job, eat that chicken, berate being forced to cook & wear those shorts, because you don’t let basic people with their narrow minds get to you. You do you, fearlessly.

You support & understand Krish better than everyone else, & you make him a better man everyday. You’re brave enough to give your heart to a loving man, & if he disrespects or undermines your worth, you’re even braver to walk away, choosing your dignity above everything else.

When you love, you love fiercely. You emanate affection & care for your lover, but you know that just love isn’t enough, as your practical mind trumps your soft heart. It knows that it takes effort, loyalty and compromise to make love work. You’re strong & unwavering, yet emotional & sensitive, as you shed tears while relentlessly fighting for the man you love.

Your charm radiates from within, as you refuse to be anything but yourself. So like a true hero, you celebrate your own worth & defy all odds, while successfully slaying the villains in your story, be it distance, misunderstandings, societal pressure & sometimes even your own self. You win any war that life throws at you, & create your own happy ending.

With love,
Your biggest admirer.

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