Letter To Penny (Big Bang Theory)

Dear Penny,

In a sitcom that’s all about science & geeks, only a spunky, care-free & confident woman like you can manage to make such a strong a place for herself in my heart. Being the only non-scientist in the show is what gives you that spark of relatability, because in the land of nerds, only a stunner like you can really stand out.

You may be the typical gorgeous blonde next door, but that’s not your weakness, it’s your strength. You don’t apologise for your lack of a formal education. You don’t succumb to the pressure around you for fancy college degrees & PhDs. You live life on your own terms, make your own choices & always do what your heart tells you to.

My favourite thing about you is that you’re never painted as a damsel in distress. You aren’t some delicate, meek or attention seeking girl whose life only revolves around being pretty or attracting men. You’re a perfect blend of sweet & savage.
You’re spunky, adventurous, bold & tougher than any man around you.

You’re a terrific friend & a wholesome lover. You stand up to bullies for your friends, you sing soft kitty to Sheldon when he’s sick, you help Raj with his female problems, you set Howard up with Bernadette, & you drive Amy’s loneliness away. You secretly savour all of Leonard’s gifts, you get him a batmobile, comic books & go to star wars conventions that you don’t even understand, & you love him with all your heart.

You’re just like us, & that’s what makes you special. You chase your acting dream for as long as you can, but you move on when you know it’s the right thing to do. You get confused, you’re not a know it all, you make mistakes, you struggle to get out of toxic relationships, you don’t refuse that extra alcohol on hard days, you’re messy, you’re indecisive about love & careers, & you even overthink your decision to get married or have babies. All your quirks & flaws seem so heartfelt to me that they just make me love you even more.

Thank you for teaching me to follow my heart, to stumble & fall, & to never chase perfection; but to always, no matter what, celebrate & love myself wholeheartedly.

With love,
Your biggest fan.

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