Fragrance of January Never Fades…

It was 1st January – a new year, a new beginning. A very pleasing winter morning. The sky was hazy and I could barely see the things at a distance of even a meter when I left my home for the college. I woke up at 6 as usual and got ready for the college. It was around 07:45 when I was standing on platform no. 2, waiting for the metro towards Vishwavidyalaya. I had put my earphones on and was completely lost in my own world. I remember I was listening a very beautiful love song. My head was down and my eyes were staring the yellow path beneath my feet. I have a habit of gazing patterns on the floor. I know this may seem so strange to many but it’s actually natural for me.

So, I was in my deep thoughts when someone just passed by me. He was a boy – tall, not overly muscular with jet black hair. I couldn’t see his face but it was the fragrance of his scent which made me look up at him. Oh! What a zesty fragrance it was! I don’t know why but my eyes were constantly staring him from back. They were trying to find him when I was unable to see him through the crowd. Finally, he stood at some distance from me. I could see his half face from the left. A Romanesque nose he had. But what could be more alluring than the fragrance of the scent he had put on.

My eyes could not stop gazing at him. And then the train arrived at the platform. Almost all the people got into the train and I was in a dilemma, thinking whether I should board the train or not. Finally, I missed it and the train departed. Now it was only me and him at the platform along with five to ten people more. He was now clearly visible to me. I was trying to look at his face when suddenly he looked at me. At that moment I felt as if the ground beneath my feet is shaking, as if my breath stopped. I felt like a pleasant breeze is flowing towards me and the air is filled with his fragrance. I turned my head down and began gazing the yellow path beneath my feet.

Then I looked up towards him, he was still looking at me. As our eyes met, he smiled. He had a deep curve on his lips which just stopped the world around me. For in that moment, I just couldn’t resist myself from staring him. Everything was happening like it happens in a romantic Bollywood movie. I was lost and he was constantly staring and smiling. And then the train arrived. I boarded it, he also got into the train. The train was crowded and now we could barely see each other from distance. Twenty minutes passed; the train stopped at Vishwavidyalaya. We both deboarded the train. I could now see him from back on the escalators. There was a large crowd. He walked straight ahead without looking back and soon disappeared in the crowd. I reached my college and my mind replayed the memory from that pleasing morning, the whole day. The air around me was still filled with his fragrance. I used to look for him every day at the same place but I never saw him again.

It was a new year, a new day with a new winter morning, and maybe a new beautiful memory completely filled with the zesty fragrance that will never fade.

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